eLicencer- N11 license and old computer

I have an old laptop with Windows XP and Nuendo 2,3,4 and similar Cubase versions and the plugins I used back then (also DirectX and 32-bit only). I very seldom use this computer but from time to time I need to open up an old Nuendo 2 project to look at the setting that was used in a now obsolete plugin. This has worked with older versions of the Nuendo license (think I was on 10.5 the last time) but today when opening Nuendo 2 it was a no go. Ok just update the database in eLicenser again and we’re good to go, I thought, having done this after every licens update in the past. But this is not possible with eLicenser and I think that is the very last version that could be installed on a Windows XP computer.

What are my options now? I might be able to set up a Windows 7 computer with all the same software from yesteryear but that would be a lot of digging through old stuff to find everything. There is a reason I left this computer as a historical setup just to do things like this. Open up very old projects and se what was done then.

The project I’m doing right now is doing a new Dolby Atmos mix of a 2004 sacd opera release that was done as 5.0 surround. And am pretty much ready besides some channels that have old plugins that would be very nice to have some parameters extracted. Like EQ and limiter.