eLicencer not finding Activation Code from steinberg

Hey guys i wanted to switch from pro tools to cubase 10

so before i took the dive in deep i decided to try out the demo

but im having a problem the elicencer cant find the activation code at least i think that’s the issue here are pictures to show you what is happening

i don’t have a activation code under my products so i am thinking that is my issue

Thanks guys for checking this out and any help is appreciated

also sorry in advance if there is another topic with this issue or if this is the wrong place to post this
but i could not find any other post with this issue

It looks as if you are attempting to activate a trial version of Cubase Pro. All licences for Cubase Pro, Cubase Artist, Nuendo and WaveLab Pro require a USB eLicenser, even if they are time limited trial licences.

In other words, you must buy a USB eLicenser to trial Cubase Pro. If you decide to crossgrade from Pro Tools, you can buy the download version of the crossgrade and activate the full licence on that USB eLicenser - you do not need to reinstall Cubase Pro, even.

If you want to trial Cubase without buying a USB eLicenser then you must trial Cubase Elements. Obviously, this will limit your trial to the Elements feature set.