eLicencer not recognized on new computer

I upgraded my computer from an i7 / Win 8.1 to an i9 / Win 10 and now I’m having problems with the eLicencer. After computer startup, Cubase does not “see” the elicencer. I have to unplug en re-plug the elicencer to make it work. I did not have this problem with my i7 computer.

It does not matter in what USB-port the elicencer is plugged into (mainboard, usb-hub, usb version 2.0, 3.0, 3.1)

I have the latest elicencer software.

My elicencer is Generation 2.

Is this a Win 10 / drivers problem? Or should I buy new (generation 4) elicencer?

Thanks in advance.

in my experience with old dongles is that I had to unplug and plug them again more and more often as time went by. Sometimes all I had to do was to nudge the dongle to the left in the port and it would work again.

Once I replaced my 10+ year dongle with a new one I had no problems, Cubase even booted way faster than before.

So in my experience, it’s not too bad to spend a few $$ on a new dongle every 10 years :smiley:

Thanks Glenn, I will do just that.

I know you are saying i9 but, no issue with my gen 2 dongle in Win10 i7. It is connected via USB 2 as I remember reading that somewhere here in the forum or on a support page.

Regards. :sunglasses: