eLICENCER not working after Windows last update

Hi, after the last update 20.07.2020 (windows v2014update) I am getting errors at eLincenser control center. Connection to the licenser server could not be established - because the license server in not available

I’ve tried to add rule to firewall for the eLicenser… but no success :frowning:(( still the same error.

I tried to delete the eLCC.ini file and it works in a second without any problem then. But this file should be there be default I suppose.

thanks guys for your help.

Open eLCC as admin and trigger maintenance. If it doesn’t work then reinstall eLLC as administrator and it should work then.

No, I did that already and this trick does not work for me too. But I don’t know, if someone from Steinberg repaired his server access, but today, with absolutely same settings the maintenance and sync with servers worked. Weird.