eLicencer on USB3 not working properly! Use UBS2

This is not so much of an issue report as a simple solution to many problems.

After days of frustration and experimentation I have found out that plugging the eLicencer on a USB2 port was the solution to such problems as: projects crashing Cubase on open, projects freezing while loading specific plugins/channels, Cubase 8.5 freezing on exit, Cubase 8.5 not opening at all, crash/freeze when (re)scanning plugin directories, general instability.

Now, this might be an combo-issue related to Windows 10 and/or specific motherboards (can’t cross-test), but the benefits are so great that I simply need to document it here for other people who have been (or still are) in the state of despair I was after upgrading to C8.5. Basically went from being unable to use Cubase at all to a very stable system with just a simple move.

So there, move your eLicencer from USB3 to a USB2 port. Hope this helps. Cheers.

P.S. Steinberg, if you could verify that this is an issue and (perhaps) update the eLicencer drivers it would be great.

I had the same issue. Got a new eLicenser and usb3 is fine now. My old eLicenser was probably 12 or more years old and one of the original versions.


I can confirm this. This is a known issue for many users and there are many threads about this topic on this forum already.

I had this issue. The dongle was in a USB3 port - didn’t work. Put it in a USB2 port, it worked.

I installed a USB3 card in the computer and just for laughs put the dongle on a port. It worked. Go figure.

Had the dongle for years - since SX3 I think.

If in doubt, use USB2.

Thanks all for the confirmations! My dongle is ca. 2010. I have a backup new one (still unused) but it looks exactly the same as far as I can tell. One of the main issues was that the dongle was not unusable per se—I could still launch Cubase most of the time, which made it so difficult to troubleshoot in the first place. I guess it might have to do with some mobos/drivers, hence the one mentioned working on a USB3 extension card.

I did notice at least one post about this but it was not very definitive so I thought I’d mention it here afresh for new C8.5 users.


Good to know. I’ve got one of the USB hubs that has both USB2 and USB3. I keep all the dongles on the USB2 side already but now I know not to put them into the 3 side! Granted I’m on OSX so it may not be an issue but why take the chance.