elicencer problem

hi, I bought focusrite studio about a year ago and i just reinstalled cubase 7 which was included in this pack.
when I try to reactivate the thing it always says “enter new activation code” ive tried to reinstall elicencer but i always get the same code. how to i get i new one ive been searching all night for solutions but I havent found any. can someone please help

Check this out.


Regards :sunglasses:

Hi, I’m so glad, first to know I’m not alone searching all day and night a solution to the same
activation problem as yours. Then to be sure it’s nothing I can do to solve it because it’s
Steinberg’s business. Good to sleep calm waiting for Steiny’s will … !!!

Hi again, I’m sorry, my last post was in answer to an elicenser problem in another thread.
Steinberg posted a warning saying that their server was out, no product activation is possible
since yesterday…

I have problems with elicenser and the Steinberg server for more than a week now, what exactly did they say about the server? And are they planning to communicate this problem or even try to FIX IT?

They are back online since yesterday morning.