eLicencer Problems and No Support After 11 Days

Hello Steinberg,

I have multiple eLicencer problems and have raised a support ticket #233354 eleven days ago but have still not heard anything from you. I have been waiting patiently but now I feel this waiting time is a bit unacceptable. Please help me, paying customer of multiple products.

Hi and welcome,

What kind of problems, please?

I am having a problem with my 9.5 license. I have 9.5 elements and bought an upgrade to artist. I installed artist and all seemed to be fine until the other day I had a countdown that the license was to expire. I opened the elicenser software and clicked on the blue usb icon and entered the activation code (which recognised it was an upgrade) but it said there was no license to upgrade? Although in the elicenser it says I have a full version(9.5). My Steinberg section on the website says the artist license is not activated…I’ve raised a ticket but had no response. Can I just call someone? I’m going around in circles so need help. To note I can still use elements but not artist. Sorry for the long post but I’m really frustrated and want to get back to making music. I fear I may be doing something wrong but need help. Using win 10


Hi and welcome,

To be able to upgrade from Elements to Artist, you have to transfer the Elements license to the USB-eLicenser first. Do so in the eLCC application. Just drag and drop it from the licenses list to the USB-eLinceser symbol. Then you can activate the upgrade license.