eLicencer responding whenever..

I own Cubase 5. I bought this new pc Intel i5, gigabyte Mob, 12 GB RAM. There seems to be a problem with USB. Should I use USB 2 or USB 3 for the dongle? With USB 2 when I start cubase it stays 30 secs not responding and then starts. If I unplug and plug again the dongle everything is ok, but when I restart, the same again. With USB 3 it does the same, but at the end it doesn’t start, it doesn’t see the dongle. Might it be that I use all the USB plus and it gets confused? Any ideas?

USB 3.0 is not needed for the USB-eLicenser. If issues come up, it is usually with the USB 3.0 ports.
Make sure to install the latest eLC available from www.elcc.eu
Also, please check whether there are updates available for the mainboard drivers and if you have many USB devices connected, please test without the one that are not needed for Cubase.

Thanx, I’ll try that

No luck with that. I decided to uninstall everything and install it again. It seems ok now.