Elicencer / soft licencer issues with laptop and workstation

I’ve just got Dorico 3.5 trial - and definitely going to crossgrade from Sib. Decidedly fed up with Avid!

But a question remains around licensing.

Like lots of us I have a workstation and a laptop. I tend to use laptop for scoring and the workstation for production, but don’t want to be restricted to that.
The laptop only has USB3 connections so I’d have to get an adaptor for the physical elicenser anyway…
So a few little questions:

  1. Has anyone used two elicensers on one machine? [this would be preferable - so I can leave all my usual Cubase stuff and everything else where it is, and simply move a ‘Dorico only’ elicencer stick between machines]

  2. Is there a way around this by using softlicenser? (ie: with both machines - so no need to switch hardware around)

  3. If I had softlicenser on laptop, say, and had to migrate the licence in order to use it on the big production workstation , perhaps only on limited occasions - how easy is that task? Are there any pitfalls I ought to be aware of?

If you really do mean USB3, those are compatible with the (USB2) eLicenser. You probably mean USB-C, though, which is a different shape altogether. I’ve not had any problems with reasonably-priced Anker hubs in conjunction with my recent Macbook pro (which is USB-C only).

  1. This ought to work fine.
  2. No, not unless you buy a second license (at full price).
  3. This isn’t really viable. If you’re migrating permanently from one machine to another, you can use the Reactivate button within your MySteinberg account to move the soft eLicenser. This functionality isn’t for frequent use, though.

There are plans to replace the eLicenser with something a bit more 21st century, but these are company-wide and outside the capable hands of the Dorico development team. I think I first read about it on these boards in May 2018, so I’m not hopeful that we’ll see this replacement any time soon.

Provided you don’t need to update both machines at the same time, you can use the reactivation feature on your MySteinberg account to move your registered Soft-eLicenser from one computer to another. That actually leaves the current version of the software running on the old machine, as moving your registered eLicenser doesn’t actively stop the older one from working. The issue will come when you subsequently need to update to the next version, as you’d have to perform the same procedure in reverse, i.e. update on the machine that currently has your registered Soft-eLicenser, then reactivate on the original machine, effectively moving your registered Soft-eLicenser back to the first one again. As I say, this doesn’t actually deactivate the software on the other machine, so in practice it should be fine.

That sounds like an excellent plan. I’ll give that a go.
By the way I’ve been watching your vids to get started. They’re very useful.

I am beginning to suspect that migrating to Dorico will allow for far better support! That’s a very valuable resource! Thanks for your help.

We do our best, certainly. For my part, I read every single post here on the forum, though (despite my nearly 19,000 posts to date) I can’t reply to every one, and several of my colleagues, especially Lillie, Ulf and Paul, also look through more or less everything to see if there’s anything they can help with. It’s very important to us that so far as is possible we help every user to have a good experience with the software.

I sometimes wish you were on the Cubase forum too. We go weeks without a single response on there, and it’s usually from someone not directly involved with Cubase’s production. Night and day experience over here.

I’m afraid I wouldn’t be much use to you on the Cubase forum as I know very little about the intricacies of that software. But I know that my colleague Martin Jirsak is very often on the Cubase forums (he’s the only person who has posted more times on the forum than me!).

I cannot imagine how you do all you do (and so well) unless you somehow acquired one of Hermione Granger’s Time-Turners.
Many thanks for all you and your colleagues do.