Elicencer when updating from cubase 5?

Hi guys
as i am about to restart making music and using cubase, i was wondering,

I have the old Cubase 5 ( which runs with the usb licencer ) and i’d like to update to cubase 12 pro; in such a situation , after installing cubase 12 pro ( which does not need a usb licencer ) do I still need the dongle licence given that i start from cubase 5 ?

thanx in advance

You will need the USB eLicenser for the upgrade process, because the license on it will be marked as upgraded. After the upgrade process it is no longer needed for Cubase.

However, you might still need it, depending on what other products you have on that eLicenser activated. If there are other products enabled, that are not changed to the new Steinberg Licensing, you will need the USB stick connected.

You will then be able to use Cubase 11 (or earlier versions) with your elicenser on another machine if you need to with the usb licencer as well as using Cubase 12.

No , fortunately i dont have any other devices or programs attached to the dongle; so are you sure? because i am away from computer music for a long time

@mkok: Are you sure the USB license will be updated from 5 to 11? I don’t think so…
And a C12 license won’t allow running any earlier, USB based versions like C11.

But this might be no problem for the OP as he can still run his C5 for compability reasons.