I made a installation of cubase 10, I made an activation of the program’s eLicencer key, but when running cubase does not recognize the activated key, follow the attachment or step by step how to activate.

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Can you see the license in the eLCC application?

How do you know, Cubase “does not recognize the activated key”? What message appears?


I get the same problem with eLicense, when I have installed Cubase and prompted to activate I enter my activation code and the get an error message saying that no eLicense USB is found.
Isn´t the eLicense application working for trial versions? Do I need to do something else like buy a eLicense USB dongle?


Make sure that your USB dongle is in a USB2 port. That may help.


That’s weird that you have to buy a elicense USB dongle for testing with a trial version…should be communicated as a test buy instead of trial.:rage:

You can try elements without a dongle.

How? I can´t open Cubase without the activation.

There are 3 cubase versions elements, artist and pro. So you do need to get a demo licence for elements activate it and install the program.

The website clearly states that you need a USB eLicenser to run the Cubase Pro 10 trial. As previously mentioned, if you want to try the Cubase Elements 10 trial then you do not need a USB eLicense dongle.


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Thanks for your answers, that is how I did it. I downloaded Cubase Elements 10 as trial and I got the activation key but when I try to activate it I get the error mesage stating that I need the eLicense USB dongle. I will try it again this evening.

You need an elements activation code. They are not interchangeable. If you enter the code in elicencer it will tell you at the bottom of that screen where you input it, what licence it is.