ELicense code has been used already / 24hours 57min? / Broken eLicenser?

Not long ago, I deleted the program and installed it again to clean up my computer.
By the way, it was recognized as USB, but it was not registered as a genuine product, and the license was re-registered and issued.
No matter how hard you try for two days, it won’t work out.

I can’t solve this problem by repeatedly deleting and reinstalling video clips on Steinberg’s website.
What on earth should I do?
I can’t work because of this. Please…


Now you obviously don´t have a valid Cubase Pro license, and a deactivated, broken USB eLicenser. And no, you can not use the old activation code, you probably used with that now broken USB eLicenser ? for a newly bought USB eLicenser. You need a new activation code that - if at all - can only be provided by Steinberg.

As you’ve registered a broken dongle with Steinberg, they should have sent you a new activation code for the products you have assigned to that dongle. Have you received a new code from them?

Without a new code and a working USB dongle you will be unable to use Cubase Artist or Pro.

You will also need to ensure you have installed the same version of Cubase as your license states.