eLicense confusion

Paid £265 for artist to take advantage of promotion to upgrade to pro. Spent ages downloading artist. eLicense failed so no artist and no pro. Support not helpful. Requested money back and deleted artist from pc. Can anyone suggest a new hobby?

Oh boy, did you have USB eLicenser connected when you tried to activate Cubase?

I purchased artist on line. I received an order confirmation containing the information that the product was cubase artist 11 full version and an access code. I used steinberg downlaod assistant and a couple of hours later tried to open artist. If I remember correctly it opened eLicense control and requested a license code. This is when the problems began because I could not find or know a license code. License control only showed my license for cubase elements which I had been using. I have since uninstalled artist and other cubase programs and am now currently waiting on a request for a full refund. Need to find a simpler DAW to download and use. needhamal4