eLicense error message

Recently I started getting this error when launching Cubase. I don’t use the (EDIT: Soft) eLiceneser at all (although some years back maybe for a trial… or not) and if I click OK things work fine. So this is about getting rid of an annoying message rather than a more pressing issue.


So I run the LCC and get this error while it runs Maintenance

And the LCC gives me this message to run a repair

Which I can’t do because the menu item is greyed out

Is there anyway to just blow away the Soft eLicense? I don’t need to repair it for anything. Maybe a file to delete?


Some Windows updates break the Soft-eLCC. Start eLCC as Administrator and trigger Maintenance. After this, the problem should be solved.

Thanks Martin. Running it as Administrator fixed it. Even though I have Admin privs that wasn’t enough, it had to be launched as Admin.