elicense issue

System: Windows 7 Ultimate, SP1, fully patched.
Problem: When I plug them in, error when the USB service tries to bind it.

In the device manager, yellow flag on “Protect Executor”
Reinstall the drivers for this device. (Code 18)

To reinstall the drivers for this device, click Reinstall Driver.

In the event viewer:

  • System
  • Provider
    [ Name] Windows Error Reporting
  • EventID 1001
    [ Qualifiers] 0
    Level 4
    Task 0
    Keywords 0x80000000000000
  • TimeCreated
    [ SystemTime] 2014-01-09T01:27:26.000000000Z
    EventRecordID 33122
    Channel Application
    Computer de
  • EventData
    Not available

    If I use a different USB port, it works. But I have two dongles. If I use a USB hub, it will only see one dongle. Or none at all.


Just a friendly advice, you will probably receive very few or none help from other users if you continue to post your problem on 10 different forums and hijacking other users threads.
You could also try to greet other users maybe explain in a more humanise way what your problem is.

E.g. Hello all, I have a problem with one of my eLicensers, then you describe the problem and at the end you add your system specs.
Completely the oposite of what you just did.

Regarding your problem:
1.- Make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest version of the eLicenser Control Center:

2.- Is your Hub connected to a power source?
Probably the hub is not powerful enough you should check that.

3.- If you want to contact the official support please fill out a Support Request Form from your MySteinberg account.

4.- Why you need two dongles, can’t you just transfer all your license to one eLicenser?

Best regards,

Thanks for the reply. I think option 3 is the route to go. I had been plugging the dongles directly into computer’s USB ports, and also using hubs what have power supplies (as well as those with none.)

As for 4, this is necessary to protect my investment,


" As for 4, this is necessary to protect my investment,"

On the face of it, it looks like you’re trying to duplicate your licences onto two separate dongles. It can’t be done, unless you have purchased two licences for each of your products. In other words, one licence per dongle.


I bought Сubase 7.0.5 in the Box. I established. I try to enter an activation code, and to me writes: currently, there is no license aviailable which can be upgraded license,
no license toupgrade selectable, please connect a usb-e-Licenser which contains an appropriate license to upgrade to your computer. What do I do not so?

I think there is something wrong. The message tells that the activation code is to be used as upgrade, not as a full product. Are you sure you bought a full Cubase and not an upgrade?

Otherwise, update elicenser and try again:


Thanks for the answer! I bought on ebay.com “Cubase 7 Recording Pack” set. They told that it is the full version. It turns out that deceived.


In that case you have to return it to the shop, there is nothing you can du with an upgrade code if you do not have the software to upgrade from.
Perhaps you should contact Steinberg support, they can see exactly what that code is for.
Use the Support Request Form inside your MySteinberg account.

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