eLicense issues with UR44 and Maschine 2

I am running Mac OS Mojave 10.14.4

After downloading Ur44 Tools, and the updated eLicense,I tried to open Native Instruments software Maschine 2, which I record on. And it gives me an error at start up saying "eLicenser Control Error - Application ‘REV-X AU’ has caused the following error. Its also says its status is scanning audio units - REV-X Hall. I assume REV-X is part of Steinbergs Ur44 Software.

Since I downloaded the UR44 software Its been giving me this eLicense error, and won’t start up. I tried uninstalling all UR44 software, but Maschine gives me a ‘POS’ eLicense error still. Is it possible installing UR44 software has corrupted my licensing for my Maschine software somehow? I cannot figure out a solution for this problem. Any help much appreciated.

Did you have any response?

No, unfortunately never solved the issue. Sold the UR44 too.