Elicense, soft-license, USB-license, activation code, reactivation code, reactivation license....WTF!

I just want the damn thing to work on my new pc…it won’t. It says it’s not registered, then when I register it …it says its already registered!
I tried reactivating old (?)-license then says there is no license.
I’m thinking of trying Sibelius…what do you think?

Your subject includes the phrase “USB-license”, but the body of your message doesn’t.

Is the license definitely on the USB-elicenser? If so, there shouldn’t be anything to reactivate - it should just be a case of unplugging the USB-elicenser from your old computer, plugging it into your new computer and launching Dorico on the new computer.

Oh, and as to trying Sibelius, feel free. Plenty of people struggle with Sibelius locking them out every single month, but don’t let that put you off :wink:

I don’t have a USB license.

If your on windows run the eLicenser software as admin and enter the activation code there.


What is a “soft-eLicense” and how does that differ from a “eLicense” because MySteinberg says that I have the former but not the latter.

The reactivation process is explained here..

Please explain what problems you’re experiencing precisely. E.g. if you don’t possess a USB elicenser, don’t bring it into the conversation.

The eLicenser is a software. You can then activate to the computer with a soft-eLicense or to the USB-dongle (if you bought one) with the USB-eLicense.
Hope I got that right.


actually eLicenser control centre

It says no product found per this license. Yet, I have a license and I bought the product.

Did you enter the activation code in the eLicenser control center running it as admin?


What is “as admin”

When I tried my eLicenser just now it says no connection, so could be the server is down.


Right click the eLicenser and select run as admin


Ok. Ran it as admin, downloaded license…it says “activation code has been used already.”

What’s to do next?

Are you in the US? If so, call Steinberg tech support at 844-358-4022. They’re incredibly responsive and can walk you through the re-activation process over the phone. The team here on the forum is very responsive as well, but phone might be even quicker. There was a minor update released today, so it’s likely the team is busy addressing that ATM.

Also, did you try the link Leo posted above?

Thank you.
Sorry so short, but I’ve been at this all morning and now I’m thoroughly frustrated and confused.

I’ve followed the instructions on that link several times to no avail…just keep going in circles.

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If it’s any consolation, the initial licensing process is the worst part about Dorico. It’s all up from here on. :sunglasses:

You said you couldn’t register Dorico on your new computer. Was it already activated on your former computer?

Yes, it was…

Ok, then you need to follow that link Leo posted. It will walk you through the re-activation process.

That would have been good to know from start.