eLicense Version Check for Windows (v5) 2013


I have just updated this and thought it may be useful to post the info at this new forum.

As you may know - there are many little (and large) problems that can occur when we do not have the very latest eLicenser installed.

What does it do?

It is a FREE tool that checks automatically for new versions of eLicenser software. Yes you can do this by simply opening their web site but…

This little free app can be simply started any time or by a shortcut in your startup folder menu. (All are options of installer).

It will then check for you at system start up - show you the message if there is a new version etc. depending on your chosen preferences.

I hope you may find it useful.

Download at usual place:


There are other options in the ini file.


elc version.jpg

cheers Phil, i’ve only visited your place for meap updates, never seen all these freebies before.
i wish you a productive & innovative new year

Updated to 3.06 - Removed the delayed startup option as it was rather pointless.

Please note - at the moment (10:30 A.m. 13 Jan 2011) the “new version” on the eLicenser web site is NOT a newer version. Or if it is the installed update version number is wrong.

Size: 16.6 MB
Release: January 12, 2011

On the web site - The version you will actually download is still

So if you get a message to update eLicenser and then go and do it - afterwards you will still get the same message because the version is not updated.

This is nothing to do with the checker tool.


Oh, hi there, Phil!
Any MEAP for C6 rumors? :wink:

Ooops only just seen this - Yes MEAP works with C6 / N55 for quite a while now. :slight_smile:


haha, yeah, I know, works great! thnx anyway! :sunglasses:

Only just noticed this… I have updated this many times since this was originally posted.

Up to V5 now:



"Only just noticed this… "

So what your saying is it’s not working?
Your pic shows an old version, it should be if up to date !

Obviously the screen shot was taken ages ago, unfortunately a screen shot posted on a forum does not auto update.

That was my whole point. I had not posted here that the application has been updated.

What exactly was your point?

Just wasn’t sure that’s all.

Updated: 08 Feb 2013 - v5.11.117

  • Added more robust Regex to correctly recognise “Release Date” in various formats
    Added button to open and edit ini file if required