All my purchases from steinberg stopped working, I recently deleted my old eLicense so I could download the new version as my mac updated to Sierra 10.12.3 recently.

The download won’t open, I’ve downloaded the eLicenser a few times and no luck.

Cubase won’t open and my vst synths don’t have “Licenses” on “My Account” it says they are all activated. Im so confused

Any help would be great

I’d send an e-mail to the company right away. Explain what happened.

I assume you mean you uninstalled the existing eLicencer control centre. In the meantime download it again (maybe try another destination drive for the download in case of any permissions issues, that was always a thing on Macs years ago), double check it is the latest version for your OS/system if an older system. If no difference then as Stephen57 mentioned. Good luck.

I had a not dissimilar issue a few weeks ago but luckily the licences all still seem to work fine. (and that system is due to be decomissioned in a few months time)

Soft elicense or usb elicenser??