eLicenser 6.12.1 update

Latest eLCC 6.12.1 (30 April 2020). There are important fixes in it (especially for Mac).

Confirmed, this fixes a number of errors on Catalina (makes no difference on Win10 1909, that always worked).

Until now, I’d thought this was the fault of the DAW vendors in not recognising Synopsos /security settings. But no, now that the update is installed, all works as it should. eg: 1) Logic had problems in loading Steinberg VIs, the temporary fix was to open the eLicenser first & run in the background. 2) UA’s new DAW ‘Luna’ would not run any Steinberg plugs (no Synopsos showing for Luna in Security prefs at all); now opens all plugs as it should.

Where is “6.12.1 last update”?. Because current eLicenser CC showed in your link is 6.11.10

There were some problems with that last update, so it has been pulled back.


Yes, this has become clearer - after apparently working as it should, is now broken again with Logic & Luna. There is also a tech note about this from Universal Audio here. Catalina only as far as I can tell, par for the course with Apple OS updates, they seem to enjoy breaking everything.