Elicenser working-fixed

Hi Guys
just was forced to load the newest update from the el
now the stupid thing wont let me activate my license
grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage:

i have reinstalled it.
restarted pc
try to put in activation code- nothing happens
i cant return to older E.L. because cubase wont run with it
Can anyone shed some light please


Why you cannot activate your license? What steps did you do? What kind of message appeared (in which step)? Could you be more specific?

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Hi Martin…
so good of you to answer
i got it working again…
but this is the chronologie of what happened.:

i had been working 13 hours or so, non stop and after finishing a project i restarted cubase , i was then bombarded with the red E.L. popup … this will not be missed in version 12 Grrrr
i then installed the latest driver from E.L.
cubase did not open because there where no licenses
i did the usual maintenance in the app from the E.l. but it still did not populate my licenses
i then tried to put in my Activation code
but it said there is nothing to upgrade ???
i de-installed the app and re installed it 3-4 times… no change
i used the reactivate license feature on the my steinberg web page …nothing.
then i changed my way of thinking and thought hardware…
i looked into my windows device manager and found no entry of the E>L>
so i removed it and put it into another usb port whilst my pc was shut down …
bingo … it works now

Martin i do not know why this happened or if it will happen again, all i know it is so annoying.if ii had not have restarted my cubase it could have been a lot worse…a crash…
this has always been a problem with dongle updates performing unilaterally and updating themselves without the user being notified …
the hardware has been up to this point had stability and never let me down
i have had it for years and years.
it wont be missed though.
Martin can i also add whenever i see your name in a thread it makes me feel confident that something will be done,
you are amazing with the knowledge you posses in matters Cubase.
thank you for being here sir.