eLicenser issue


Maybe someone posted a similar topic…
I have a problem with the last eLicenser version.
I have last release of cubase 11 (Pro 11.0.41).

Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot

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Same issue here…

The license servers are very busy at the moment - we recommend you wait a short while and try again.

Sorry about this!

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I have tried the eLicenser Control Center Maintenance as well as trying to activate my Cubase 12 Pro license repeatedly the whole day without success - keep getting the “A connection to the license server cannot be established due to incorrect network settings or because the license server cannot is temporarily available (for example, due to maintenance). ” - so the “wait a short while and try again” statement above isn’t doing much for us customers. And here’s a tip for Steinberg - consider posting information regarding these type of issues under e.g. Announcements that the servers are overwhelmed and it could potentially take a day or two before products can be activated properly.

I’m sorry for the eLicenser server issues. It’s a pinned post in this forum category so hopefully people will have seen our message quite clearly.

There are people who are successfully activating, so we’d recommend you keep trying periodically.

I’ve just tried again and, with patience, it worked.

Thanks a lot :+1:t2:

Glad to hear you’re up and running!

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Tried again this morning and still the same “A connection to the license server cannot be established” issue :frowning:

Edit : eLicenser Maintenance and product activation worked after a couple of attempts this morning (CET)

That’s good to hear that the eLicenser server is starting to be a bit more responsive.

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