eLicenser 6.12 update with new features

Version 6.12 of the eLicenser Control software has been finally released and, according to the release notes, it seems that there are some important changes under the hood:

New Features

  • Replaced the technology to communicate between protected applications and eLicenser with a more reliable alternative.
  • Make communication with USB devices more resilient.
  • Implement on-demand logging that can be enabled via GUI.


Will this further improve stability in Cubase? Any moderator care to comment?

I believe these changes cratered Dorico. It has been necessary for many Dorico users to downgrade to 6.11. I wouldn’t jump on it until these problems are worked out.

All good here… No issues

Same. No problems for now with Cubase Pro 10.5.2 and Wavelab Elements 10.

Everything works well here too, Cubase 9.5, Wavelab Elements 10 and Dorico SE 3.5.

Is this part of the requirement for future OSX? (No kernel extensions)