Elicenser act strange

Hi, lately my elicenser wont let me run simultaneously Cubase 10 and WaveLab 9.5 and after don’t show any licenses! It’s empty so I have to restart my PC to be able to work in Cubase or WaveLab but again don’t allow me to have them open at the same time!

Please any suggestions?

Have you updated the eLC software to the latest version?
Have you run maintenance on the eLC software?
Have you done this as an Administrator?

I updated cubase to 10.0.10 and WaveLab and the elicenser!
It was fine ! I use to work with both opened!

Did you run a maintenance as admin ?

Yes, i’ve started the Elicenser as Admin and did the maintenance !

If I start the WaveLab first it open and then when i start Cubase

This is the message

The interesting is that after export and open in wavelab is working, but if i want to open wavelab after cubase is started all is irresponsible!