eLicenser acting up again

Running on a 2012 iMac, High Sierra. After having problems with eLicenser this past Spring I received a 32bit version of the eLicenser software. Installed it and working fine. Until tonight. None of the Doricos (1, 2, or 3) would start up. Restart computer but no luck. Also Cubase refused.

I launched eLicenser for maintenance. But here I now get the message your eLicenser software is too old with a Cancel/Ok button. This was followed by an error report which lists 6 steps (updating, repairing…). Two steps got OK 4 FAILED. Of course updating this software would get me 64bit back?

After running this, Dorico worked again so at the moment we’re good.

But I suspect I haven’t seen the end of that.


I also had lots of problems with eLicenser too, and finally getting a new USB key solved everything. No more errors.