eLicenser activation deprecated elicenser


I activated cubase on my hp machine, but then got a dell. So i deactivated it on my hp and re-activated it on my dell. My dell crashed a week ago and I need to re-activate cubase on the hp again.

Trying this, the website states that my hp elicenser is deprecated and there is no way for me to re-activate cubase.

please help


what is this link supposed to help me with?

i have done everything they explain on re-activation but the licensing still says deprecated

the link has info on compatibility mode causing an issue which you’ve made no mention of checking.

Otherwise it also says on the link exactly what to do if nothing else works…contact support directly.

i mentioned that i did everything they state on that page.

Download the eLicenser Installation Helper from this page, then try using your license activation code:

thank you for your reply.

When i try to register the elicenser it states error 1003.

When i try to enter the activation code it states that i require an internet connection, but my internet is working i can browse and the elicenser is run as administrator

Did you ever get a solution to your problem with the eLicenser. I have exactly the same situtation and I’m not finding much help elsewhere.