Elicenser activation issue

My laptop wasn’t working right yesterday, so I had to reset the Windows and it cleared everything. I had my Cubase elements soft elicenser in it… . Now i want to activate my physical USB Dongle for the Artist upgrade I bought last sale. It doesn’t find any information. How do I solve this? Is there any way I can do this easy? Because I don’t have any elicenser information on my PC now. I want to register my USB Dongle and activate it so I can get Grace period to Artist 10.


Does Reactivation help?

Have you solved this yet? If not, try the following steps:

1 - Open eLicenser Control Center
2 - Click on Register
3 - Click on xxxxxxxxx - xxxxxxxxx (Soft-eLicenser)
4 - Click on Copy serial number
5 - Open your internet browser and Login in to your Sternberg account
6 - In my products page, click on eLicensers
7 - Click on Reactivate
8 - Right Click, in the pop up window click on Paste

If it all goes well, a new license will be transferred to your eLicenser Control Center, and, you can then proceed with the activation of the new software.