eLicenser and activation key doe not work - help please

Dear all,

I’m sorry if I created a duplicated topic but I didn’t find answer for my issue here.

Today I bought a Cubase Artist full version. I received an emails with activation code.
Cubes and eLicenser is installed to my laptom (Win 10), but I can not continue with activation because eLicenser is blocked (please see attached screen).

Does someone have any idea wher the problem is? Or could you advise who can try to help me with this topic?
Thank you very much!
eLicenser screen.JPG

Hi and welcome,

For Cubase Artist you need an USB-eLicenser (only Cubase Elements LE AI license can be stored on the Soft-eLicenser), which I can’t see present. Buy one, please.

Hi Martin,

many thanks for welcome and your reaction.
I’ve received an email from Steinberg which says that USB-eLicenser is needed for these version in any case.
When bought on eshop a Cubase I bought also USB-eLicneser as well but I didn’t know that this is really hardware USB keay which will be sent to my address - I found no mention of it on eshop so I thought that I will receive all license keys via email. It seems that hardware USB key is right on the way to my hands so I hope that everything wwill be OK when I will put it into my laptop.

Informations on Steinberg web were quite confused for me and I didn’t understand it right unfortunately, but luckily I order USB eLicenser as well.

So let’s see and thank you again!