Elicenser and activation/reactivation issues

Hi there, I raised a support ticket on Monday but no reply yet and this issue is driving me crazy. Ticket is number #280008
I’ve had similar issues in the past but always managed to resolve them and nothing is working for me at the moment.

The situation is that I upgraded my pc with new parts and windows 10 last weekend so I needed to reactivate my license for Cubase LE AI Elements 6 64bit. I also purchased and downloaded the latest Cubase Elements 10.5, but I guess I will get to that since I need the old version to be working for it to upgrade it (I think… if I try the activation code I received for the new version, it tells me it can’t find a license to upgrade)

I obviously got a bit confused during the process, despite doing it before, since it’s so convoluted. Now I’m in a state where somehow I got sent activation codes for my cubase 6 and for the mp3 helper thing. However the cubase 6 code does not work. In my steinberg it tells me it is not activated. If I try to use it in the elicenser, it tells me it has already been used. I cannot seem to find a way to get sent another code, or to use that code. It’s totally broken.

Most of the time when using the elicenser control centre, I get errors saying ‘cannot connect to license server’ although about 2/10 times it does complete the maintenance, but nothing changes.

I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the elicenser control centre a bunch of times, as well as using the control centre helper that I downloaded the last time I had issues like this. Somehow now I’ve ended up with 5 or 6 elicensers visible in my steinberg but none of them have the cubase app attached to them and I can’t get rid of them either.

I also tried reinstalling cubase as well but it didn’t help at all.

If I go to reactivate in my steinberg I can only see the mp3 upgrade thing, not cubase. I can request a new code for that but the cubase one just seems broken.

I have screenshots I can provide if it helps, as well as a support file from the elicenser.


Can you see Cubase AI 6 license in your MySteinberg account, please? Do you still have an access to your old system?

First you have to reactivate your Cubase AI 6 to the new system.

Then you can upgrade the license to Cubase Elements 10.