eLicenser and replacing the logic board in a MacBookPro

Dear users,

In next week, the logic board and the keyboard of my MacBook Pro will be replaced.

What should I do preserve Dorico license in that machine?
I do not have any USB-dongle.

How can I return my licence to Steinberg server?

Best regards,

Don’t worry about deactivating. When you get the computer back, log into MySteinberg and find the big red Reactivate button.


hey guys, maybe I can use this thread to piggyback on.
I’m, for some reason, not figuring out the reactivate license steps needed.
I’ve got a new Mac mini after a logicrboard meltdown on my MBP.
Reinstalling all the software, and on myStienberg, (which I had to re-sign-up for) there is no recognition of my profile. Like Dorico license or whatever.

I seem to be missing some step here. sorry for the bother.

If you’ve ended up signing up for a new MySteinberg account under a different email address, that will be why you can’t find your existing licenses. If at all possible you need to gain access to your existing MySteinberg account, because that’s where your software will be located. If you can’t do this, you’ll need to contact our support team directly for assistance. In the meantime I’ll send you a trial license via private message so you can at least get back up and running today.