elicenser backup for live tracks and touring


I am in a touring band and was wondering about using Cubase 8.5 to run live tracks and samples on tour. However, I’m pretty concerned about the possibility of losing or damaging the elicenser on the road and not being able to run our tracks. I am already imagining a scenario where the dongle is lost or broken right before our set and then there being no way to run the show. Is there a way to set up a backup elicenser in the event that it gets lost or broken?

I know i can always buy another one and then transfer the license, but on a tour where the access to wifi is limited and there being very little time right before (let alone during) our set, I would feel much more comfortable having a backup dongle ready to go in case of emergency. Is this possible at all? Otherwise I feel it might be too risky. It’s a shame because I am the most familiar with Cubase and would rather not have to switch to another DAW.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Only pure solution is to get a second license. As workarounds you could check the Zero Downtime solution (se elsewhere on website), or set up a version such as Cubase Elements, that only requires a soft elisencer locally on your laptop. if it is only for sample playback, that should suffice for on road. You can then prepare your samples in your studio environment using the dongle, and leave the dongle in your studio.

hope this works for you…