eLicenser between Studio and Home

Hi guys,

I recently moved to Nuendo and ended up activating the license on my old eLicenser from 2012. A couple of weeks back, I forgot the eLicenser at my studio and a client of mine requested for some revisions while I was at home and I was in a bit of a pickle.

I decided to purchase an additional eLicenser for times like these. But now, I’m not sure if I can continue to use both the eLicensers with my single Nuendo license. Is this not possible? I couldn’t find much info on the forums regarding using 2 eLicensers for a single license or how to conveniently switch between the two.

I really hope Steinberg can move on to something like the iLok cloud. But in the meantime, what happens in situations like these where you’ve forgotten the eLicenser at the studio and a few quick revisions have been requested?


Any info on this guys?

But now, I’m not sure if I can continue to use both the eLicensers with my single Nuendo license. Is this not possible?

No you can’t copy a License. You are only able to move it. You have to buy an second License.

Thanks for the response!

Uggh, that sucks. If I ever forget the dongle at the studio, I’m basically screwed! :frowning:

As a short term workaround you can load a demo license on a second eLicenser.
Former Demo versions were running a certain decent amount of hours.
This one, Nuendo 10, runs for 60 days when started.
Servus, Big K

Big K’s suggestion is good I think… as a last resort in an emergency.

I believe the official answer was along the lines of (paraphrased) “We are aware of the request, and at some point things will change.” Basically I think this dongle/license system works like the rest of them and like the others say it’s one license per dongle. Otherwise users would (could) buy one license, put it on two dongles, and then sell one.

Yeah, I understand their reason for doing this, but it’s such a pain for the users. I really hope they are working towards some cloud licensing feature or alternatively just switch to iLok. If piracy is their main concern, iLok has been safe for a really long time.

I like BigK’s suggestion, but I wish the timer only ran out when you actually used the software like it used to. Would be perfect for the emergency situation.

I bought a crossgrade cubase licence when it was super cheap recently for exactly this reason, it opens nuendo files and allows me to work on neundo sessions at home if required.

I thought ilok was hacked a long time ago? Seemed to me that the e-licenser was doing a good job for Steinberg,in comparison.
But I agree, 2 active dongles would be lovely, I don’t know how you stop people exploiting it however, as they can’t ensure only one is in use at anytime.
I wouldn’t mind getting a second license, but it’s the yearly upgrade cycles that bug me, surely a reduced price second license that exists with your main could be put onto a second dongle registered in your name? That seems the most logical solution and doesn’t require any change to protection methods.