eLicenser constant errors from Halion and Groove Agent

Every few days, I open a song to start a session and get “a required licence is missing” from Halion or Groove Agent. It hangs Cubase. I have to force quit. Then restart. Then run the eLicenser maintenance. Then things will be OK for a while. It’s incredibly annoying. So what is it that’s wrong? I have had the same USB dongle for years. Is that the issue? How can I find out what the problem is. I honestly wish I’d never purchased Halion or Groove Agent because the license management is hopeless.

First make sure you are using the latest eLicenser software.
Make sure your power plan does not power off usb ports.
Try a different usb port.
It could also be a failing dongle, in that case transferring the licenses to a fresh dongle while still possible would be the answer.

Hi, thanks for that. I moved the dongle to a different port - it was in a hub - and it was actually worse running from the moboard. I can’t see how the dongle itself could be dodgy. Wouldn’t it work - or not work? My software is always up to date. This is so annoying. Sometimes it takes me 15 minutes to get Cubase to run.

They do go bad, the memory on them like any flash storage has a finite number of writes.
Any new OS updates could also cause this, check usb drivers if on windows.