elicenser control center download problem

Hello all,

Today I noticed most recent version of e-licenser control center Version:

(release date November 27th, 2015)
I’ve been trying to update, but I simply cannot. I’m getting
“Hostname not configured
The hostname you requested is not currently configured.”
I tried on multiple PCs and different browsers. Is this just a temporary issue, or am I missing something???
Anyone kind to help?

Thank You

Maybe just another little glitch to do with the imminent release of the 8.5 update.

Do you have an issue with your current version?

Thank You, Grim, for your reply. I have no issues at all with my current version, and I have great working setup. It’s just - I had no issues downloading elicenser control center til now.

When I try do download E-licenser control I get this HTTP 404-fejl in Windows 10
and I cant use all my software from steinberg

I have also experienced this problem. My current version of the control center crashes when trying to add a new license, and I can’t update my version!

I’ve just downloaded latest version and updated without any problem. Thanx.

How did you manage to do that? I’m still getting the ‘Hostname not configured’ error

Me too! Keep refreshing in the vein hope, but not working… :frowning:

I tried right now (internet explorer 11, Microsoft Edge and Iron). This is the message I get from Iron (chromium):

Hostname not configured
The hostname you requested is not currently configured.

Yeah, I cannot download the file either. 404 (not found) error.

Does the problem still persist?

These download links should work:

eLicenser Control for OS X:

eLicenser Control for Windows:

This seems to be related to our switch to Akamai as our new content distribution network. We are having a look and for some it should work fine again now.
In case you still have issues, here’s an alternative link:


Sorry for the inconvenience!

@paulmagmar - hit and miss, I guess, it seems I was lucky this time around. Using Firefox, BTW…
Ed Doll, thanx for the info & links, much appreciated.