eLicenser Control Center recognizes the license but Cubase doesn't


I just setup Cubase 7 to a new computer. In the screenshot below you can see the eLicenser Control Center recognizes the license but Cubase doesn’t.
How can i solve it?


I can’t find any Cubase support info. They lead to dealers which has no clue about the situation.

See if any of this information can help…


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Thank you for your reply,
Unfortunately it doesn’t. As I am using an USB E-Licenser, I can’t reactivate Cubase in the new computer.
Any other suggestions? Any info about how can i reach Steinberg Support?

If a license for the software you launch is on the key, the software will launch and run, it’s just that simple.

You have the 25 hour all application license which comes with the boxed version of Cubase, and the dialog is saying that that license is being used, and it’s asking asking which Cubase 7 derivative you want to run.

  1. Can you run Cubase after you click one of those buttons?

  2. Is it indeed Cubase 7 and not Cubase 7.5 that you are launching?


  1. I can run Cubase after I click one of those buttons but what happens when the 25 hour is gone? I want to use the other key “Cubase 7” listed in Licenses, which is I bought, not the free one.

  2. It is Cubase 7 at the moment but I will update to 7.5

Do you think after the 25 hours is completely gone it will auto start using the other key?

Hm… It’s supposed to work like this: https://www.steinberg.net/nc/en/support/knowledgebase_new/show_details/kb_show/about-the-all-applications-or-25-hours-license.html

Are you running the latest update of the Elicenser package?