eLicenser control center troubles


I am using my eLicenser(s) through VirtualHere, as it allows me to safely keep it at home and connect it to the computer I am currently using. Usually it works flawlessly although it takes a much longer time when this has to go through the web instead of through my home network…

A few days ago however, I had some internet glitch and the eLicenser therefore disconnected while the control center was accessing it. Since then, even with a stable connection, the eLicenser is still detected by VirtualHere but the control center outputs an error message (see screenshot), after which it does not show a single eLicenser (One of the 2 is empty, the other one has both my Dorico and Cubase licenses).
Screen Shot 2020-03-04 at 1.24.16 AM.png
Is there any easy way to solve that problem?



I’m sorry to say that I have no idea about using VirtualHere with a USB-eLicenser. You might try contacting our support team for assistance – I imagine that might have more experience with this kind of configuration. So far as I am aware, though, it’s not something we officially support. I can send you a time-limited Dorico license if that would be useful, so you can install that on your current computer’s Soft-eLicenser.

Thanks Daniel. My concern is not really related to VirtualHere. Let’s say that control center initially shows dongles that are directly on USB ports, then the computer power goes down while the control center is accessing the dongles, and afterwards the control center always shows that error message and after closing the error message does not show the dongles anymore. Does the control center write anything to the dongles while doing the “maintenance operations” (all licenses were saved there a while ago), something that could cause corruption on the dongle, or does it merely read from the dongles, and therefore the problem is somewhere on the computer itself?

I believe that some data can be written to the USB-eLicenser during the maintenance process if the license has been updated in the database. I’m not personally experienced enough with the technical details of the USB-eLicenser to be able to say whether it is likely that a license on a USB-eLicenser could become corrupted by the maintenance process. I’ve not heard of that in all the years I’ve been working at Steinberg, but that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible, of course.

OK thanks. I’ll contact the support team and see what solutions they may propose.