eLicenser Control Center

Hi there this is my first post so not sure if this is in the correct location.
I am having problems with activation of Sequel 3.
I keep on getting the message below.
“incorrect network settings or eLicenser Control Center server is unavailable”
The internet is working correctly all firewalls are tuned off and the web site is allowed in the proxy.
So where do I go from here is there a config file or something tucked away?

Have you downloaded the latest version of the eLCC?

Thank You Strophoid

Yes I have installed the latest version Twice!!

I am stuck as I have twenty of these machines to activate.


Ok, in that case it seems to me like your network is blocking access to the eLicenser server. There are no other reports currently of the server being unavailable so I would say that’s where the problem is. You say you have 20 computers, are you on a school network or something similar? I would contact the network administrator then to see if there are network restrictions that would prevent you from accessing the eLicenser server.
If that doesn’t work your best bet is to contact steinberg support directly. (this is the user support forum, there are some Steinberg employees who answer questions here, but if you want personal support the ‘official’ support is the way forward.)