eLicenser Control Centre error

Strange! If I open my eLicenser Control Centre and it shows my licenses, I cant open Cubase, that’s running projects or a new project. But, recently when I’ve been opening my eLicenser CC nothing is in it and I get an error code! Ironically, when it does this, I can open Cubase! I recently took advantage of a free upgrade from Artist 10.5 to Artist 11 and when i CAN access CB the extra VST Instruments which come with Halion in CB 11 Artist are there but there is a ‘no entry’ sign next to them meaning I havent got a license to use them. I have got the license, it shows in my Control Centre (when it works) and also in ‘My Products’ on the website. My PC is fine, everything else works on it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks,

Please take a screenshot of the presets that are showing this no entry sign.

These presets are part of the Halion Sonic SE “Pro” library, which is exclusive to Cubase Pro. Please make sure that you have the latest version of Halion Sonic SE 3 installed, and then follow these instructions to force it to rescan your libraries:

Check Windows’ “Program and Features” panel and make sure that no old versions of the Halion Sonic libraries are installed. The libraries are now exclusively handled by the Steinberg Library Manager.

As for your eLicenser issue, please make sure that your USB-eLicenser dongle is firmly connected to your computer’s USB port. If it happens again, please take a screenshot of the error message you get. It might be worth it to try to connect it to other USB ports.

Thanks for your reply.
Firstly, the Halion 3 SE files i downloaded were on the dropdown list of downloads after I clicked on Cubase 11 Artist in the ‘Steinberg Download Assistant’ and not from a Pro list. I’m assuming there would be extra vst instruments in the ‘recommended’ download here or I wouldn’t have bothered. Again, on my list of liceenses on the Steinberg website, CB Artist 11 is listed. If the extra vst instruments in my Halion are for Pro only, why do they appear as non accessible after a CB 11 Artist download? Strange! Also, I.ve just fired up my PC after changing the USB socket for my dongle, clicked on eLicenser Control Centre and my licenses (CB Artist 11 included) appeared. I opened a project I’ve been working on and it opened ok. Whilst opened I then reopened the Control Centre and it gave me the error again with no licenses showing! Beginning to regret taking the option of a free Artist 11 upgrade. Is there anything else I could be doing wrong? Thankyou

I should add that, after opening my Steinberg Library Manager, there is no evidence of the Halion files I recently thought I’d downloaded from the CB 11 Artist download page in the Download assistant.

The error reason when the eLicenser Control Centre wont open says: ‘Could not connect POS’
Dongle is in the PC with the red light on.

Please open Windows’ “Program and Features” panel and uninstall the Halion Sonic SE libraries if they’re present there, then open the Steinberg Download Assistant and click “Open” or “Install Again” to the right of Halion Sonic SE 3 - Content. You’ll know if the libraries have been installed correctly if they show up in the Steinberg Library Manager.

Upgrading your Cubase license shouldn’t cause the eLicenser issue. To me, this sounds like some kind of hardware problem. Try restarting your computer, then run the eLicenser Control Center as Administrator once and click the “Maintenance” button to the top right. If you get the “Could not connect POS” error again, unplug your USB-eLicenser dongle then plug it back in again.

Will try those things and let you know. Many thanks

Hi, so none of that worked unfortunately!
Also, when I clicked on a project to open, this box appeared. Sorry about the orientation. I thought it might be 3rd party plug-ins causing a problem so I clicked that box then ‘OK’ . My project opened but all Halion instruments couldnt be heard! Only the 3rd party vsts could be heard! Would love to re-access this box in the image to uncheck the box which obviously caused this . Or, if there is an alternative way to hear what now seems muted (99% of the tracks) that would be great too! The tracks are still there, just in silence. Having a nightmare! Should have just stuck with my 10.5 Artist!
Many thanks

And now, if I op0en a new project in 11 and add a Halion track, the track appears on the left but no box to choose an instrument appears! Its obviously down to the box I checked in the image. Is there a way to make that safe mode window appear so I can change it back? Thankyou

You can access the safe mode dialog by holding Ctrl+Shift+Alt while Cubase is starting up. You can try deleting your preferences using that window, which can help with some issues. Just remember to reconfigure Cubase afterwards.

There’s clearly something about your system that’s interfering with the eLicenser. I would recommend contacting your local Steinberg distributor for support:

In the meanwhile, you can try uninstalling the eLicenser Control Center and installing the latest version as Administrator.