eLicenser Control Centre Randomly Stopped Working

I’m working away in Cubase and BOOM I get a message saying that the eLicense can no longer be found. Odd, consitering it’s been in the same USB port for 2 years untouched.

I restarted and still no luck. The eLicense Control Centre doesn’t recognize the USB eLicense hardware. I just get this message:
Screen shot 2012-01-28 at 5.06.55 PM.png
Uninstall/reinstall of the eLicense Control Centre software makes no difference. I tried the USB license hardware on another computer and it’s recognized as it should be with the most recent version of the eLicense Control Centre. No hardware or software changes have been made to the system that now isn’t working.

WTF… :imp:

If you’re using Windows 7 check the Power Options via Control panel .
Some settings can turn USB ports off after set periods of time .
It would help if you posted your system specs . :slight_smile:

Sorry about that, here goes:

Mac Pro Early 2008 (2 X 3.2Ghz Quad-Core Intel Xeon, 8GB RAM)
Mac OS X v10.6.8, Cubase v6.0.5, Cubase v5.5.3
eLicense Control Panel v6.3.4.2087

All current USB ports and devices are working as expected. eLicense USB dongle works on other computers normally.

Got it working…

I unplugged both of my 7 port USB hubs and any other USB devices directly connected to my Mac. Restarted and the USB eLicense dongle registered normally as the only USB device aside from keyboard and mouse. I plugged all the USB devices back in and it seems to be stable.

Weird :neutral_face: