eLicenser Control - Error

Getting Elicenser error when trying to register Cubase 10. Granted I’m on Mojave but Cubase itself works great, just can’t register. I reinstalled Elicenser and rebooted, no luck.
Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 4.51.05 PM.png


There are some already reported issues with eLCC on Mojave. This seems to be related. Be aware Steinberg software is not officially compatible with Mojave yet.

Doesn’t that seem odd? That Cubase doesn’t support the current operating system, but only an older one? I was under the impression that Apple/MS deliver developer releases of the OS early so that they are supported upon release. Mojave has been out since September. My other daw apps have no problem on Mojave.

I’m experiencing the same thing here. I’m running Mojave. I was informed by Steinberg to buy a new dongle. I think I’ll wait and see if a new version of elicenser sorts out this problem. :frowning:

I’ve had some weird eLcc errors on High Sierra whilst trying to load C10.

Attached 3 screen extracts. These errors all followed in sequence on a single load, It seems C10 load switched itself to Cubase 8.5 then locked the machine. I do have various versions of Cubase from 7 to 10 on my Mac.

I have the latest eLcc version loaded.

The weirdest of these was loading Cubase 10 and getting error message about Cubase Pro 8.5 whats that all about?

Never had any of these issues with previous versions of Cubase, bit disappointed with this upgrade given the money spent and cannot get the program stable having instant crashes with Wave9 plugins and now at times can’t even start the program. This latest crash on load screwed the OS up so the only way I could exit was turning off the power. Cant see any logic to this so no idea where to start trouble shooting.


I was able to get around this, for anyone that has the issue. The problem is that if I try to register Cubase from the dialog that comes up when I launch Cubase (“you have xx:00 hours left to demo Cubase, click here to register”, etc), that’s when it crashes.

To get around this, I copied the activation code from my email into the elicenser control center “Enter Activation” without Cubase being open, and added it that way. After that everything worked fine.

I was getting same thing on Windows, re-installed ol eLicenser version, and deleted the new eLicenser installer that came with cubase 10 install