eLicenser Control - Error


I’ve recently upgraded to Cubase 10 on a brand new Windows 10 Audio PC and occasionally get the following eLicenser Control - Error :-

USBDeviceOS_Finsh expected but received

The USB dongle is around 17 years old and was originally used for Cubase SX on a Windows XP PC. I have upgraded regularly to most new releases of Cubase and my OS has gone through various upgrades on a few different PC’s.

Is this an issue with my USB dongle and do I need to buy a new one?

Try to reinstall elicenser software, make sure to install latest version, and run maintenance.
I would consider a new dongle anyway. The newer ones runs much faster and give less problems and also makes Cubase load up faster.

Ok thanks. That’s good to know. I will replace the eLicenser as I’ve read the newer ones load Cubase much faster and is more responsive to graphical updates etc.