eLicenser Control, links to wrong version

Any idea when the link on the Steinberg eLicenser Control Center download page will be corrected to download version, which has recently become available, please: it still downloads 6.12.1290?


Not here in Win… the right version 91 has been downloaded…
(Also Mai has been corrected to May!)

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I could have sworn we’ve previously established that the US is always behind Europe. (The Steinberg servers, obvs :sunglasses:)

For instance:

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We have, Leo.
My link is to the /en/ site, but I actually found the same thing at the /de/ one… horse’s mouth and all that :slight_smile: .

Did you try a VPN for actually doing the download, though?

And set it to a German endpoint. Yes. That’s how I got it to work in the end, thanks.

Simply downloading from the /de/ site I expected to work… but No.

And I do appreciate that Dorico’s may not be the most appropriate forum to help in what is - presumably - a wider Steinberg issue.