Elicenser Crash when Nuendo sits idle

I’m still getting these occasional elicenser crashes when Nuendo 12.0.40 sits idle for some time. Last night’s happened when I stopped for an hour to go to dinner. When I came back there was an “elicenser error” on the screen. I tried everything I know - unplugging the elicenser, checking the Steinberg activation app, going into activity monitor to see if anything was stuck, restart finder, etc. Nothing worked except rebooting. I haven’t had the “Nuendo crashes on exit” issue for a while but this one occurs more than it should.

Hi Ted,

Go to your “energy saver” or “battery” (if a newer laptop) preferences, and either turn that off when you’re working, or extend it to like 3 hours. Also, uncheck any “put hard drive to sleep when possible” stuff.

Basically, you want your DAW computer to be “on” until you physically either put it to sleep yourself, or turn it off at the end of the day.

There should be a Steinberg power plan available in the Studio settings…
If the system is going in sleep mode, the eLicenser is turned off and that causes the error.

I’ve never used any power saving options. My computers have always been set to “never” regarding turning off monitors, hard drives, etc. That’s what makes this so confusing. But I have seen other posts describing the same issue - Nuendo crashes when left idle. The difference I’m getting is that it doesn’t happen when I’m closing Nuendo (thankfully that seems to have been fixed) but when Nuendo sits doing nothing. It has to be a deeply involved crash because the only solution I’ve found is to reboot. Something in the license checking procedure goes haywire.

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Screen Shot 2022-08-26 at 11.18.10 PM

This happened after an hour of Nuendo sitting idle

Is this license stored in an USB-eLicenser dongle? Have you tried connecting the dongle to another USB port?

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Yes. Trying the elicenser in a different port.