Elicenser deactivated

Hello, I bought an audio card that came with Cubase 11 LE, when I tried to install it, it appeared that the elicenser was disabled. I had another possibly pirated Cubase 10.5 installed, I deleted it but still I can’t install the original one that came with the audio card. Help.


Is your eLicenser disabled or deleted it something else? Could you provide precise description, please?

“possibly”? I’m pretty sure you would know absolutely if you have installed software illegally.

Anyway, absolutely no details to go on.

Deleted what exactly? And how?

What do you mean by “the elicenser was disabled”?


If you had one, the crack screwed up the eLicenser. In most cases you have to clean the system to make it working properly again.

When I bought the PC, the Cubase 10.5 software was already installed by the person who sold it to me, so I didn’t know it was pirated. Anyway, it sure was, in Argentina they have unpayable costs. Even so, when I bought an Audient card, it came with Cubase LE, original. And when I want to install it, it appears to me that the Elicenser is deactivated, clearly it conflicted with the one that I had installed on the PC. How can it be solved without formatting the pc?

in windows 10 uninstall the cubase 10.5 program and all the folders that said Steinberg… but it hasn’t helped me…

Let’s see what happens is that by redeeming the download code in steinber it allows me to download an installer file, that file installs cubase le 11 and I think also the Elicenser to activate the program. Now, when I want to activate it, it says that it is deactivated and no repair works. I think the conflict is due to the previous Cubase software that came with my PC, which would surely be pirated.

I’m not sure it will work , but I would try running the ‘eLC Installation Helper’ …

Soft-eLicenser (virtual license container) is missing – Steinberg Support

This should create a new Soft-eLicenser number which you could then register to your MySteinberg account, possibly letting you do a “fresh” Cubase LE activation. My guess would be that this would only work if you haven’t registered the current non-functional Soft-eLicenser to your account.

Just throwing an idea out there. Try at your own risk! It might be worth a try, though, considering your current situation doesn’t sound too promising.