eLicenser deactivation nescesary ?

Hi. i want to sell my Cubase 9.5 pro retail. I have an registered eLicenser dongle with it’s license on it.

Q: Can i sell the dongle to a new owner with the license on it just as it is, or do i need to take extra steps?
f.i. the eLicenser is activated, do i have to deactivate or unregister the dongle itself first?.

PS if someone makes a right offer, i can include licenses for Halion 5 and or Simon Phillips Studio Drums on the eLicenser. PM me then, paypal and buyers warranty is possible. F

You need to deregister the eLicenser so the new owner can register it to their account in MySteinberg. I would wait until they have it in hand though. Have a look at the Steinberg Resale Wizard in the Knowledge Base for full details of the process.

Thanx for the info