eLicenser deleted my previous Dorico 3.0 license

Just upgraded to Dorico 3.5 but something went wrong in eLicenser and now I don’t even have my 3.0 license! What the heck!!! I think it might be the Steinberg licensing servers.

But for now, I’m down hard until eLicenser/servers gets fixed or something. Anybody else with this issue?


This is a statement from Steinberg put out in the last few hours:


So, it seems that my previous licenses are still in the database but just not pulling in to eLicenser. I guess I’ll wait a few hours and try again.


I am waiting now more than 24h that I get it to work!!! I just cannot use Dorico at all.

Even that there are many requests today because there is a new Cubase version out, this is really strange. I did a small guess calculation. In case that there are 1.000.000 license requests happening within 8h working hours, this would mean that the license server is not able to handle 34 requests per second. I am working in the software development business myself and this number is ridiculous low for modern sever hardware. (Even if my guessed number is by 10 times too low, reasonable server infrastructure should be able to handle this easily.)

I really love Dorico, but the complete licensing is out of discussion bad. It was said that Steinberg would work on a new licensing system. But that was 3 years ago or more. Even a small team should be able to develop it within a single year or less. To me it seems that the interested on upper management level for this urgent customer request is so low so that it get delayed on and on and on.


I just ran the “Recover” option in eLicenser about 5 minutes ago and my Dorico 3.5 license magically appeared! I guess the current answer is to just keep hitting the Recover option until the licenses show up. Which tells me their servers are still pretty overloaded and can service requests when the workload drops back down for a moment.

Steinberg should really learn to use cloud containers for this stuff… I’m sure AWS, IBM, Microsoft, etc. would be delighted to help them. lol