eLicenser deprecated - Clean windows 10 installation


I’m new here!

I tried to contact Steinberg Support directly without success so I’m trying here.

I reinstalled Windows 10 yesterday and after installing Cubase I was not able to activate my product.
When I tried to reactivate, I got a message saying that the eLicenser was deprecated.
The eLicenser installed was the last version.
I have a Cubase Elements 8 license and an upgrade for Cubase Elements 9.
None of them work and don’t even show on MySteinberg now.

Only my Cubase LE 10 license,that is activated and working well on another computer, is showing on MySteinberg.

Can you help me on this?


Hi and welcome,

Cubase Elements is using Soft-eLicenser by default. Do you use the Soft-eLicense or did you switch to the USB-eLicenser?

If you are using Soft-eLicneser, I would recommend to install eLicenser Helper to force the system to create a new Soft-eLicenser Number. Then you should be able to Reactivate your license.