eLicenser doesn´t recognize de Activation code of my new cubase pro 11

Hello, i just bougth cubase Pro 11 but sadly i couldn’t use it beacuse i have been trying for more than a month to get the eLicenser to recognize the activation code, i have followed the instructions that you recommend but it still doesn´t work, PLEASE HELP


Make sure, the eLCC is up to date, please. Make sure your USB-eLicenser is plugged in.

Did you buy the full version or any update/upgrade, please?

Make sure you enter the Activation Code (starting 0240), but the Download Access Code, please.

Hi! thanks for the answer , i just solved the problem, right now the issue is that cubase pro doesn’t recognize Komplete Kontrol digital instrument, but in the cubase Elemnts it is working fine, do you know what could be?


Sorry, no idea with this one.