eLicenser Dongle Cubase 13?

Who still has the elicencer dongle plugin in?
After your delightful update to cubase 13 have you run without the dongle?

For me up to C12 i have had to run the dongle for various plugins etc… So naturally when updating to C13 i just left the dongle inplace completely forgotten about. So, I was just sitting here and had the thought try C13 without the dongle (when the devil makes work for idle hands right) and for the first time in over 10yrs im running Cubase without a freaking dongle…

So for those of you guys who are like myself… Give it a try.
I removed the dongle restart for good measure (not necessary) and loaded C13 all seems good.
I removed the old eLicencer software Rebooted for good measure loaded C13 did get a licencer error (cant remeber excually what) quit C13 loaded again no errors C13 is running great. :beer:

Life beyond the cubase dongle… FTR…I would have given less time for murder! :thinking:

P.S dont be doing this before an important session now… I dont know what this will throw back for everyone else… For me things worked out fine so do this at your own risk.

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