elicenser dongle Cubase Elements 10


Does Cubase Elements 10 require the elicenser dongle that is sold separately? Before I purchase it I wanna make sure I won’t miss anything important…

Also, does it require a permanent internet connection? or can it be disconnected from the internet after the installation stage?

Thanks you for your help!

No it doesn’t require, you can keep the licenses on the Soft e-licenser.

But you can move that license from soft e-licenser to the USB e-Licenser if you want to. Once moved to USB e-licenser it cannot be moved back to the soft e-licenser

I have my Elements license kept on the USB e-Licenser as I switch between machines in my studio & home. It’s very convenient for me that way. :slight_smile:

No, your computer does not need a permanent internet connection. Only for: “installer download, license activation, account sign up and product registration”.


Regards :sunglasses: